Making that first step towards health!

I have not always been ecstatic when it comes to nutrition. I was once the girl who ate any and everything without thinking TWICE about what it was doing to my body. I ate EVERYTHING! I did not discriminate. When I had my health/wake up call in January 2013, that was my turning point. I am not the type of person who “weans” them self off of something. I go cold turkey. Once I make my mind up, that’s a wrap. This was one of those instances. I told myself that I had to get right and my body had to be healthy.


This was taken in February 2014. A week after my surgery. This was the first picture I took on the day I started. I did cardio for about 45 minutes and I lifted some weights. I was so proud of myself. I felt great! I was always the athletic type. I ran track all through out middle and high school and I played volleyball and tennis in middle school. So, I was always active. Once I graduated high school and went to college, my eating habits stayed the same. I got married in October 2007 and it took 6 years for me to realize that it was time for a change. Well, it took 6 years for my body to say that it had had enough with how I was treating it and I needed to do something about it.

I remember going through our pantry and getting rid of any and everything that was processed or in a box. Cereals, fruit snacks, pasta dinners, whatever. It was gone! I got rid of all sugars and seasonings that had words in them that I could not pronounce. That was a great day! I can’t even begin to tell you the last time I even saw a McDonald’s menu and that used to be my favorite! I began to make my grocery list while I went on Pinterest to get ideas on healthy recipes and meals. I began with foods that I was familiar with and began to incorporate new foods as I went along. I had to adjust my taste buds. Eating foods I used to eat with sugar WITHOUT sugar was a huge change, but I realized that it was all a mental thing. Once you get that determination and mentality right, you are a new person! I gave up all pork and beef. Now, some of the fittest people still eat beef and pork, but for me, I wanted to stop eating it for my own personal reasons.

I began to see results immediately! Now, these were internal results. I didn’t feel as tired anymore and I wasn’t experiencing any headaches or breakouts. I knew it was from me not fulling my sugar cravings. I upped my water intake and focused more on how my body responded.

This was my breakfast a few weeks ago. Corn tortillas with grilled chicken, chorizo, eggs, and cheese. To top it off, I had a carrot, ginger, pineapple, and guava juice. 3 years ago, you wouldn’t catch me eating avocados, black beans, or anything in that drink. Vegetables were a hit and miss, but I mainly stuck to spinach and greens. Two I was familiar with. I had to expand. I began cooking at home more-incorporating new veggies. I began to eat Greek yogurt for the first time in my life. I would add granola or nuts and some type of fruit. Little changes=big results!


My sweet husband made this dinner for me. With me being pregnant, I have to make sure I get double the fun on my nutrients. You don’t have to completely stop eating processed foods at once like I did. Take your time, but set a goal. Yes, I still eat process foods from time to time because we don’t always cook. When we do go out to eat, though, I get something as healthy as possible, though. Start small, but aim big! Do this for yourself and your body. Health is very important. Take control of it and stay determined!

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