Preparing body for birth

I have been neglecting the gym this week. I guess I shouldn’t use the word neglect. I have been enjoying my bed more than the gym this week. I have only been 2 times this week and boy have I been loving that. I only say that because I have learned to listen to my body and rest when it needs rest. I have, however, still been stretching and doing yoga at home. Since I will be 7 months tomorrow, I am in tunnel vision for the next 3 months. I will officially be in my 3rd trimester!

I will be back on track with my workout regimen next week, but nothing will change about it. I worked out the day I went into labor with our first daughter and I plan on doing the same with this one. I will still lift heavy, but really focus on lower body maintenance. I have already been doing pelvic floor exercises (Kegel exercises, deep breathing exercises, and yoga) and squats. These next 3 months, I will be squatting more and probably keep my weight same. I really do the mind to muscle technique when I workout. My baby is very active and I know that I will be seeing her sweet face in no time.

I really enjoy hip opening exercises and stretches. Some people may not know it, but the more open your hips are, the more depth you’ll have in your squats and other exercises. We’re not even going to talk about my squats back in the day. Over the last few months, I have been doing lower body yoga stretches/poses 3 to 4 times a week. They have really been paying off. I have also been doing lower back yoga stretches to help alleviate my back pain. One of the stretches I enjoy and really fell effective is the pigeon pose.


Sorry for the lighting, but this pose really opens up my outer hips. I don’t count down or time how long I am in this position. I simply breathe through the tightness and enjoy the opening. I incorporate this pose every night into my yoga sessions. The object of this pose is to OPEN your hips. Not to hurt you or for you to pull something. It will hurt-don’t get me wrong, but it should be a good hurt. If that makes sense. Especially, if it’s your first time or you haven’t done this pose in a long time. There are several websites and YouTube videos that help demonstrate this.


img_0202Another pose I enjoy doing is called the Lizard. This opens the inner and outer hips. I am doing the modified version of it because I was simply exhausted from leg day. Here is the advanced and normal pose that I do.


It does and will take some getting used to a practice to get to this point. With my belly and baby growing bigger and bigger, some poses can get uncomfortable. I will be doing a more informative post about these poses in a few weeks. What poses helped you or do you recommend?


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