Taking that one thing back!

Have you ever started on a fitness journey and by 2 weeks or after one month, you were completely unmotivated? Maybe you changed your diet and started eating more healthy and less junk food and realized you just weren’t as strong as you thought you were. You’re not a failure. By all means. You are human and are supposed to make mistakes, change your mind, and be a little indecisive. The trick to it all is never quit.

I have started over several times on many different things. Health and fitness being two of them. Especially with this pregnancy. I cannot tell you how many times I have said I was going to get back on track or not eat sugar. Sometimes, my cravings were stronger than my will power. I’m not one to blame it on being pregnant or my raging hormones, but….it happens. I have learned to make alternatives. Instead of completely cutting out sugar, I have cut back on sugar. Instead of satisfying my sweet tooth with sweets, I eat fruits. Sometimes, that doesn’t always carry through, though. It has been extremely hard for me to stay focus, but I had had enough. I cannot keep doing this. Let alone portraying a healthy and fit lifestyle, but behind the scenes, eating like I am going into hibernation!

It was just last week where I was throwing out every processed and packaged food in my pantry. I got fed up with myself and did not like how sick I would feel after eating candy or unhealthy. Yeah, I workout, but when I was eating unhealthy, it made me less and less motivated to workout in the mornings. I would pack my bag for the gym for the next morning, but when I woke up, I would feel so exhausted and sluggish. I had to break myself from that. I still did my yoga at night, but mentally-nothing. I had to get it together. I mean, I have a baby I’m carrying. Plus, I love my body and want to treat it the way it should be treated. You have to come to a breaking point. Better yet, an ‘I’ve had enough’ point. Yes, you may fall off and yes, it will be hard, but do it for you. Remember WHY you are starting or have started. Don’t wait until the New Year. Get a head of the game and start today! By the time New Years’ gets here, you’ll be 3 months ahead of the people who waited or have just started. Don’t bet yourself about it. Just take it day by day. Sit down, meal plan/prep, eliminate any and all negativity and go for it! Have a great week!

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